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Everything you wanted to know about fairylight backdrop systems
Light emitting diodes (LED's) are a high tech light source. The primary benefits of LED based lighting is the saturated colours, energy efficiency and long life. Don't settle for standard fairy lights where the filament can break or shatter spoiling your event. LED's are shock resistant and will not shatter. LED's are also a safer and an eco-friendly product.

LED fairylight curtain backdrop hire for weddings and events

How to make a fairylight backdrop system for your wedding
Lots of people try to tack Christmas lights or old filament lighting to walls and place some material over it and call it a fairylight backdrop. Whilst cheap it won't give you the effect of a proper professional system. It's always safer to hire a commercial backdrop support system for fairylights and draping, as the last thing you want is your fairy light system falling over. Or, worse still a huge bill from your venue because you have damaged their walls or property.

The components of a fairylight system
You'll need telescopic poles and steel base plates, cross bar connectors which are heavy enough to support the draping and LED lighting system. Fairy lights to cover the length and height you require. You'll also need power leads, connectors, power protection and gaffer tape so you can tape down leads so you don't trip any of your guests up.

LED fairy light system

The benefits of hiring a Professional LED fairylight backdrop
Basically, fairy light backdrops look amazing and a professional system will always suffice over a 'homemade job'. Professional fairylight backdrop systems starts with a draping system (telescopic poles, cross bars, etc). LED's are often 'wedding white' and fabrics are hemmed and steam pressed for a quality look. Professional draping systems have telescopic poles to take your backdrop safely to your desired height. You'll get the exact amount of poles so there's no sagging or 'tacked together look' that often is the case with home made systems.

How to get a good fairylight system for your wedding or event
Hire a system from a professional fairylight company. It will save you hours of wondering how to tack fairylights to venue walls, and the disappointment of switching on your system to find it shows up every inperfection and crease in the unhemmed fabric you bought. Often cheap lights are too bright or not bright enough and even worse have the potential to shatter or not work on your special day.

LED lights for portable hire applications

Hire LED fairy light party reels (25 metre) just $75
LED fairylight party reels are perfect for draping around almost anything. Whether you want fabric and fairylights draped on the ceiling, pillars wrapped with fairylights or just fairylights around balconies and windows. A stylish and cost effective way to dress up your wedding or event. We also have 1 metre battery operated LED fairylights for centrepieces and vases.

LED wall washers for rent

Hire LED wall washes for just $25 each
LED wall washers are the secret weapon event decorators use to take a drab venue to a fab venue in minutes. They are exactly what the name suggests - they wash walls in colour. Perfect for weddings and events. They can be set to one colour or a sequence of colours. Place them at floor level around the venue pointing up walls, at entrances, behind cake tables, under glass tables, or anywhere you want to splash in colour.

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